Elisabetta Kalb

Social Area Coordinator

She was born in Bolzano and she spent her childhood in the forests of Val di Non and the beaches of Veneto.
She studied Sociology in Trento, initially enthusiastic about the management of organizations and then about the subject of the foreigners.
She became a social activist when she was twenty, giving support to the children of the Roma gypsies camp in Bolzano, building also significant relationships that will allow her to write the thesis on the world of the Roma gypsies of ex-Yugoslavia.
From 2003 to 2017 she worked at the association "La Strada-Der Weg" in Bolzano, first as an educator and then as coordinator of the reception project for victims of sexual and working trafficking and exploitation.

She also participates in training in middle and high schools in the city of Bolzano about gender-based violence.

For the Great Oak Association, she took care of the training and supervision of the group of families who want to volunteer with foreigners in need. She currently runs workshops for children in education for peace and globalization.

Together with her husband Stefan, she raises her many children.

She loves cycling, reading, especially children's books, going to the theater and being in the woods.