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Volunteer with foreign people


This training path is inspired by the desire expressed by several people of the Association to bring their support to refugees who, in recent months, are also reaching the Province of Trento.

The desire to act for the common good and to put into practice the value of brotherhood has led us to organize this formation, whose goal is not only to provide technical information on the world of the foreigner and volunteering, but above all to reflect together on questions to ask yourself when you really want to delve into support.

Doing good is serious and complex and without a reflection that leads to an awareness of the profound meaning of bringing help to the other, it is not possible to really act in the interests of the entire community, facilitating the paths of integration and supporting the autonomy of the person and his access to rights.

The training course therefore includes a part of the lectures, but above all a broad involvement of the participants in the workshops and in the joint reflections, so that they can take home not only information, but above all questions to ask themselves when they decide how to volunteer, with the aim of doing good for the other but also for the family unit.


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