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Theater training

Children Group 

"I am Cristina Tonelli, I am 59 years old and I have been involved in childhood for many years both as an educator in a small family home La Grande Quercia founded together with other people: teachers, educators and parents, both as a creator of stories, nursery rhymes, small scripts for shows .


Since the beginning of its foundation I have also been part of a theater association: "Grande Quercia" where I participated as an actress in some recitals for adults on current themes: the genocide of Jews in concentration camps, violence against women in the former war Yugoslavia etc. For about ten years I have been mainly involved in theater for children, both in kindergarten and for our theater association. Lately I have been following a small group of children in the first elementary cycle and we are staging small theaters with dances and songs, to then be represented to young children in the kindergarten age. I try to touch on social issues, where we talk about acceptance, tolerance, respect for nature and people starting from a world of images that create wonder in a child, with the hope that they can put deep seeds inside them from then draw in life. Art is always a great vehicle for both adults and children, poems in rhyme, songs, dances, recitals help to overcome fears, difficulties, shyness and create group, collaboration and sharing. It is nice to see how seriously and committed these children are and listen to what they are taught and feel responsible for giving their best for those who come to see our little shows and theaters.


Since I was a child I invented both poems and stories for friends, relatives and for various occasions; birthdays, weddings, baptisms, etc. my imaginative world is always rich and full of stimuli that sometimes I find it hard to hold back; here then is the need to always have a sheet and a pen available and lately the recorder to not lose anything. "

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