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The Path - Interfaith Symposium

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This interreligious educational show (text by Hamal and directed by Emanuele Reti) was born from one question: how has our moral conscience or voice of conscience changed in history? How does the sense of responsibility towards others in the interiority of men change over the centuries? Today's reality gives some really dramatic answers. How much do we actually understand about who is in front of us, why do we consider others different? The recipients of this show are above all young people: a show played by young people to talk to young people about the need to build an anti-racial climate, which is welcoming and inclusive. When this does not happen, be it Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese or simply a question of darker or lighter skin, unfortunately the name is always the same: racism.

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The show was presented by the Group Recite Boys, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto, on April 25, 2019 at the Filarmonica of Rovereto.

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