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Field Butterflies

Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Hamal

All Rights Reserved

The play is divided into seven acts and each painting calls to mind a part of that drama.

The first is dedicated to Janusz Korczak and his 200 children.

The second is in memory of the innocent, of scarlet butterflies, of the drops of silence, of thorns without flowers.

The third tells of the horrors, what remains after the passage of the ferocious wolves.

The fourth is in memory of the green flag, torn and trampled in the darkest night.

The fifth is in memory of all martyred peoples and its Calvary, the land of Treblinka and the blood that nourished it.

The sixth is dedicated to the anguish of mothers and the thousands of eyes that look for justice.

The seventh is in memory of Vasilij Grossman, the first Soviet reporter who came to Treblinka and documented the horrors and memory of the mother who he saw walking barefoot on that land with her baby in her arms.

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