Photo exhibition "The victims of our well-being" 

The exhibition aims to present the reality of other countries, where every right can be trampled, where work is child labor and exploitation are linked to the day, to produce what we consume, often unaware of how much the production chain also involves children, "who have no voice", victims of a system that places the wealth of our world at the center.

In progress within the "Sagra dei Santi Anzoi", in collaboration with: Circolo ACLI di Mattarello, Prijedor Association of Trento, Standing Committee of Associations and Organizing Groups of the Festival, Solidarity Projects Fund, Forum for Peace, Pensioners' Club and Elderly "A. Pomini", Teachers Without Borders.

On September 1 at 4 pm meeting with Raffaele Masto, journalist of the magazine Africa and Amarildo Ajasse, President of the AfricaQuerote Association.

  From left to right:
Vittorio Lorenzini, President of the Trento Solidarity Projects Fund

  Dario Pedrotti, President of the Project Prijedor Association of Trento

  Nicoletta Corradi, Great Oak Association of Rovereto

   From right to left:
   Elisabetta Murdaca, President of 
Great Oak Association of Rovereto
   Dario Pedrotti, President of the Project Prijedor Association of Trento
   Nicoletta Corradi, Great Oak Association of Rovereto

Civic Library of Rovereto (Trento) from 22 January to 15 February 2018

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto, was visited not only by citizenship, but also by primary school pupils and first-level secondary schools.

Raffaele Masto, from the magazine Africa and Amarildo Ajasse, President of the AfricaQuerote Association took part in the inauguration of the exhibition on 22 January at the Multimedia Room of the Civic Library of Rovereto.


Exhibition at educational institutions

The exhibition was exhibited at:

- the Istituto Superiore "Don Milani" of Rovereto (Tn) from 20 February to 3 March 2018

- the secondary school degree "Nicolò d'Arco" of Arco (Tn) from 9 to 23 March 2018

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