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"Very few people in this world can reason normally. There is a very dangerous tendency to accept all that is said, all that we read, to accept without questioning. Only those who are ready to question, to think independently, will find the truth! To know the currents of the river, those who want the truth must enter the water. "

(Nisargadatta Maharaj)


The ability to have a critical and autonomous thought is one of the many goals that the school pursues every day. How to orient yourself in an ever-changing world of information? Today, information proves to be inherent in techniques of persuasion, manipulation and consent.


To speak and to make the students think is just a journalist, Alessandra Corrente,

Referent of the Press Office of 'The Great Oak'.


  • Istituto Collegio Arcivescovile Dame Inglesi of Rovereto (Italy)–

       Primary School - May 3, 2018 (class 5A)



       Il giornalismo online entra nelle scuole: Alessandra Corrente incontra la classe dell’Arcivescovile


  • Istituto Comprensivo of Arco

       Primary School of Bolognano - May 20, 2019 (class 5A and class 5B)


A Bolognano il giornalismo on line torna nelle scuole 

Giovani lettori incontrano gli autori… e diventano scrittori

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