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A 16-day cycling marathon that, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto and the moral contribution of the Trentino Autonomous Region A.Adige, in cities and towns, has waved the Rovereto flag (city of peace) up to Auschwitz.

A journey that has taught young people above all how much effort, commitment, perseverance, collaboration and sharing can lead to reaching the goal: to wave the banner of peace, even in a place profoundly marked by hatred and intolerance.
Every day the participants, 4 boys from 12 to 15 years and an adult, have faced a stage made of miles but also of inner reflection, to get really ready for the goal. A travel diary to keep and make known to those who have not cycled with them but believes that peace is a conquest and a daily commitment, to which each of us is called.

Prima edizione

6 - 22 July 2018

Rovereto - Auschwitz

1200 km


Seconda edizione

6 - 22 July 2018

Rovereto - Sarajevo

1000 km


"Peace is above all that there are no wars, but also that there is joy, friendship among all, that every day we take a step forward for justice, because there are no hungry children, sick people who do not have the opportunity to be helped in health. To do all this is to make peace.
Peace is a job, it is not a matter of being calm, working so that everyone has the solution to the problems, to the needs they have in their land, in their homeland, in their family, in their society: in this way peace is made, craft. Peace is a handmade product, it is built every day with our work, our life, our love, our closeness, our love for each other.

Peace is built every day ”.

Pope Francis, 11 May 2015

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from left:

Pietro Cappelletti (15 years) - Samuel Dallago (15 years) - Michele Pedrotti  Tobia Pedrotti (15 years) - Martino Cappelletti (12 years)

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