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The voice of local collaborators

John Nganga's words:

"Let me start by saying a big THANK YOU to Association Grande Quercia, Province of Trentto and all who made this project a success. On behalf of the Koinonia Community, Moringa Self Help Group and myself. The Moringa project has had a great positive impact on our lives both mentally and physically and we are all grateful to all the people who made this project a reality for us.
Personally at the beginning the project appeared to be a challenge because we would be introducing a not so popular plant and completely new farming techniques to a community who knew it as only a Children Centre. Fortunately over time we were able to convince the local members on the benefits of the Moringa tree and organic farming. Up to date the local community members are still enquiring on the Moringa powder, seedlings and asking for guidance on organic farming techniques.  The Koinonia Moringa Self Help Group is still active.
Through the project we were all able to;
1. Appreciate farming as a noble profession 
2. Learn of new more environmentally friendly farming techniques, no more industrial fertilizers and insecticides that harm our environment
3. learn about this wonderful product that actually delivers all what it promises. At the start of the project many community members did not believe in Moringa's health benefits but today they are swearing by it. Today they are preaching the Moringa Gospel and proof is the continuous increase of new referrals of those wishing to access the Moringa powder and its seedlings.
4. Through the project we were able to strengthen our ties with the local community by providing employment both directly and indirectly, introduce a health benefit product at no extra expense to them and educate them on more self conscious farming techniques
5. I personally was able to pick up a new skill like plumbing,Farming the organic way and I was also able to meet new people and make new friends from those who benefited from the project as well as those who made the project a reality,
In all, the Moringa project greatly impacted the lives of many and it still continues to do so up to date because word is still getting around.

This would have not been possible if it was not you our friends back in Italy, Fr. Renato Sesana Kizito , Koinonia Community and the general public who actively participated in this noble project which was a life changing experience . 

Thank you and God bless."

Francis Ochieng's words:

"Dear friends

First of all is to thank God for bringing you into our lives,secondly is to thank all partners especially province of trento for the project. As for me I have learnt a lot especially during the visits of christiano, Aden, Rosella and the other friends. Initially I could not consider farming as a source of income but as I write I am doing farming and I think I will continue with farming even in future especially organic farming because it's healthy both to the environment and the people. Initially I was using the tradition ways of farming but with the help from the team I can now combine both the tradition ways and the modern ways to improve on the farming and increase the production.

The project has been so beneficial to me and the community around since many had a chance to learn new ideas regarding cultivation of Moringa and the benefits of having at least two or more Moringa trees  at our homes places. I have few Moringa trees at my rural area and my neighbors are really happy since they started using the leaves. I also encourage them to have at least a tree. I have also seen some improvement on the kids at our project since the introduction of Moringa powder in their diet/ meals.

In my opinion I think the idea should be extended to cover big area and also to educate more people on the benefits of Moringa plant.

 The project has changed my way of looking at things and also doing things.

Lastly my family and I wish you all the best as you continue with the good work of educating and supporting other.

God bless you, regards."

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