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Moringa Project for all

The international cooperation project aims to improve food security in Ongata Rongai, a suburb of Nairobi (Kenya), making the moringa olifera, a plant with a high nutritional content on the market at very high costs, accessible even to the neediest. This project stems from the response to a clear need that Father Kizito, the founder of Koinonia Community in Kenya, expressed to the Association: to develop a generative welfare activity that, through the cultivation of moringa, supported the structures of Koinonia and created employment for various vulnerable categories. At the Koinonia Community farm, moringa and other vegetables began to be cultivated, offering training and work to young people, former guests of the facility, in cultivation and to women in the processing and sale of products. Part of the harvest and the profits from the sale will be offered to Tone la Maji, a reception center for street children in Koinonia.

Actions are planned to raise awareness, on the one hand, of the local Kenyan community about the properties, use and domestic cultivation of the moringa and, on the other, also of the Trentino community about international solidarity.

The project is implemented by African men and women, supported by Italian volunteers in the monitoring and training phases.


  • Koinonia Community Kenya is the beneficiary of the Project

  • Associazione Grande Quercia is the project manager

  • The Trentino partners are: Orto Insieme Farm, Idrotech company, La Rosa dei Venti Association and the Pavoniano Institute of Graphic Arts "Artigianelli" of Trento


COST: € 94.608of wich:

              Self-financing € 19.304

              Province TN Contribution € 77.214

BEGINNING: March 2017

END: Octobre 2021

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