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Volunteering is like a musical composition that is born between the walls of a room, in the silence of the heart, without any expectation; then, however, when that music touches and also reaches the depths of the soul, allowing growth and new discoveries, it becomes one of the most beautiful symphonies, the one that allows you to improve yourself and take, in total freedom, another important step on the path of life.

The partners who participated in the project were able to develop many skills at the design and executive level, also increasing the baggage of personal growth. In addition, Great Oak Association got to know African culture better.

We were able to better understand the meaning of cooperation and solidarity and the importance that the impulse that moves the aid worker is not maternal but paternal. It has become increasingly clear that it is not a question of reasoning from our point of view, but rather of offering them what they really need, it is a question of responding to their need and not of satisfying our maternal desire to offer help. Confucius expresses this thought more clearly when he says: “if you see someone hungry by the river, don't give him a fish but teach him to fish”.

Working in a team has allowed us to further develop our ability to participate, collaborate, but also learn more and more to act independently and responsibly. We have certainly developed communication skills both within the team and on site.

Regarding the collaboration with Kenyan people directly involved in the project, we have always had an attitude of openness and thanks to this the relationship with them has taught us a lot, in a mutual and constant exchange. We have thus experienced and implemented our ability to learn to learn.

Last but not least, thanks to this project we came into contact with various Italian and Kenyan people and realities and we had the opportunity to get to know them and build a network with them.


We are all deeply grateful for the experience we have lived and continue to live.

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