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Marianna Abbamondi



She was born in Campobasso in 1980.

In her teenage years she was part of the A.G.E.SCI scout group, where she develops manual, creative and social skills, with particular attention to the management of group dynamics, the ability to work in a team and to team up for a common goal.

Subsequently, she joined the ecclesial Movement of the Renewal in the Holy Spirit.

In 1999 she graduated from the Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical High School of Campobasso "Principessa Elena" and in 2006 she graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Parallel to her activity as a student, she undertakes a course of study of opera and modern singing and through professional courses, she cultivates her hobbies of photography and creative and manual activities.

In 2009 she joined the Associazione Grande Quercia, participating as an actress/singer in its shows.

Married and mother of 5 children, she currently dedicates herself to the writing of fairy tales ad personam and for the past three years she has been supporting and/or replacing the coordinator in training courses for members.

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