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Emanuele Reti

Director, Coordinator, responsible for the theatrical

and training projects

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He was born in Bologna in 1956. After secondary school, he worked in the preforming arts such as theatre, miming, singing and dancing in cities like Bologna, Rome and Paris.
The Weltanschauung by R. Steiner (a path of knowledge linking the spiritual dimension of man to that of the Universe) has lead him to a multidisciplinary artistic training for six years at the Akademie fuer Eurythmischekunst (dealing in movement, choreography, acting and directing), first in Nuremberg, then in Witten Annen. He currently specializes in Heileurythmie in Pforzheim.
Since 1990 in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, there have been numerous educational courses held focusing on pedagogy, theatre, philosophy, medicine and biography. Social art: listening education, communication, group work.
Professional Activities:
He has collaborated with a medical team for 15 years as a Heileurytmist. Preparing and directing dozens of theatrical and movement projects for state schools, with pupils from elementary and middle schools. Offering hundreds of shows for children incorporating a variety of different techniques.
He has carried out numerous courses of acting and dramatization for middle schools, as well as training courses for the Trentino Library Service in Reading Aloud, both with the epic and dramatic approach.
Refresher courses aimed at teachers of nursery and elementary schools on narration topics.
Cycles of conferences on topics such as of self-knowledge and self-education.
Since 2008, together with a group of people linked by the same ecological and cultural vision of life and with twenty years of training and professional experience, he has founded and created the projects of the Associazione Grande Quercia, for which he is the coordinator of the cultural and humanitarian projects and director of human rights performances in collaboration with various institutions such as the R. F. Kennedy Foundation, Amnesty International, Sulleregole Association, Emergency and so on.

The musical comedies produced by Grande Quercia under his direction are La casa dei bambini, Le farfalle del Campo, Le Rose dei Balcani, Stella d'oriente, I have a Dream, Pierino e il Lupo, The shining sword, the vain Giraffe, The seed of hope, The Divine Comedy, The Way, The Christmas Song.

Since 2018 he lives in Malta and works as coordinator of the Great Oak Malta association, in addition to Grande Quercia, he holds courses in education to empathic dialogue, theater for adults and workshops for children, guide theatrical improvisation performances concerning the themes of Association; the plays in English are Eastern Star, The Holy Week, The life of St. Francis, I have a dream, while the dance shows are Dances on the beautiful music of Angelo Branduardi and Enya dances.

In 2022 the season of short films begins with 'La banda delle Saette' where he takes care of the whole process of creation and direction, involving the group of young actresses and musicians of the Association in an exciting journey full of new experiences of individual and collective artistic growth.

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