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Debora Comper

Composer and Artistic Director of the

Association's Theatrical Groups


Primary school teacher, he carries out his musical training at the Conservatories of Trento and Verona, where for some years he participates in orchestral activities with the Città di Verona orchestra. He attended specialization courses at the four-year school of music therapy in Assisi. She consolidates her teaching experience in nursery and primary schools in the Province of Trento, where she often deals with the organization of theatrical performances within the teaching programme. In 2008 she began her activity as composer of all the music promoted by the Associazione Grande Quercia through artistic activities of various kinds, some of which are present on this site. Alongside this activity, he deals with the artistic direction of the shows, in which he participates personally as a musician and singer, and with the musical preparation of the actors - singers, both for the adult and children's theater group. The compositional production is divided into a series of sonatas for piano, sonatas for violin and flute, light music songs, stories set to music, theatrical performances for kindergarten and primary school. There are currently four musical comedies of dramatic genre dedicated to violated human rights: Le farfalle del campo, La casa dei bambini, Le rose dei Balcani, I have a dream, created with the live musical support of prestigious master musicians of the area, such as for example the violinist Andrea Ferroni, the pianist Alessandro Martinelli, the tenor Roberto Garniga, the guitarist Franco Giuliani. The show Stella d'Oriente is instead dedicated to the nativity, Eastern Star a Christmas story and The Holy Week both in English. 

Until 2017 he carried out, in collaboration with the educators Michela Comai and Cristina Angeli, the "Children's Theater Project" of the Grande Quercia Association, taking care of the musical training of the group of boys, aged between 10 and 16 years, participating in the theatrical activity. The shows Respect for childhood, The children's house, The garden of life, I have a dream, The shining sword, as well as many other performances that the Association regularly offers to its members on the occasion of the holidays or as a moment demonstration of the skills acquired by the students.
Thanks to the collaboration with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe in September 2017 she was awarded the mandate of Ambassador of the global educational project on human rights "Speak Truth to Power ", she is also a trainer in human rights courses for students from Italy within an English & Human Rights program proposed by Great Oak Malta, unfortunately temporarily interrupted due to the pandemic.
After moving to Malta she works as teacher of the Great Oak Malta Association Annual Artistic Training course (singing, music, theatre, dance), artistic director of Theather Group, Great Oak's Choir, Dance Group. 

In 2019 he composed 'Nel Cielo del Congo' making a video denouncing the abuse and exploitation of children in the mines of rare minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2020 she composes the song 'Like a Sunflower' the voice of a little girl on the pandemic, winner of a contest in Malta.

Since January 2020 she has been given the role of President of the Maltese association.

Since 2021 he has also taken care of the artistic growth of the instrumental ensemble 'Light up' mixed quintet, with participants between 10 and 16 years of age and fa part of the Supervision Team of the 'Community Building' project, an experiment in sharing and coexistence proposed to a group of pre-adolescents in order to encourage the development of social skills, still active.

At the beginning of 2022 'La banda delle Saette' inaugurated the season dedicated to short films of which a series of episodes are already planned, directed by Emanuele Reti and the young actresses of Great Oak Malta.

Since January 2023 he has been President of the Associazione Mozart Italia headquarters in Malta, a partner association of Grande Quercia and Great Oak Malta with regard to the comedy/concert project aimed in particular at the younger generations.

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