Debora Comper

Composer and Artistic Director of the

Association's Theatrical Groups


Primary school teacher, she had her music training at the Conservatories of Trento and Verona, where for some years she participated in orchestral activities with the Orchestra Città di Verona. She attended specialization courses at the four-year School of Music Therapy in Assisi. She consolidated her teaching experience at the children's and primary schools in the Province of Trento, where she often deals with the organization of theatrical performances within the didactic programming.

Since 2008, she has been the composer of all the music promoted by the Grande Quercia Association through artistic activities of various kinds, some of which are present on this site. Alongside this activity she deals with the artistic direction of the performances, in which she participates as musician and singer and the musical preparation of the actors - singers, both for the adult theater group and the boys.
Performances include: Field butterflies, Children's home, Balkan roses, Childhood respect, Star of the East, Garden of life, I have a dream, The shining sword as well as many other plays that the Association regularly proposes to its members during the festivities or as a demonstration of the skills acquired by the boys.


Thanks to the collaboration with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe in September 2017 she became ambassador of the global educational human rights project “ Speak Truth to Power ”.