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Chiara Andreaus

ECO-VILLAGE project Coordinator


She was born in Trento in 1972 and after a High School Diploma in Science, she graduated in Architecture in Ferrara. During her studies she studied at Delft (University of Tecnology - Netherlands).
She obtained her license to practice in 1999.
In 2000 she attended the course for "Planning and Executing Work Coordinator" and the upgrade course in 2013.After working in various architectural studios in Trento, she worked for more than ten years with the studio of Architects Bortolotti Pallaver Associates. In 2013 she became responsible for the Studio of Architecture Viu'di Trento (also based in Bologna, Imola and Reggio Emilia), which deals with renovations.
In 2014 she attended two courses of "Organic Living Architecture" held by Architect Stefano Andi in Rovereto and in Mori. She took part (9th -13th July 2000) at the IFMA Conference (Internationales Forum Mensch und Architektur with headquarters in Amsterdam) in Norway (Bergen - Stavanger - Oslo – Moss).
In 2016 she attended a Sustainability Conference by Living Building Challenge LBC in Dro and the course at Rovereto and joined the Living Building Collaborative group, which is responsible for spreading the most advanced certification in the world that requires the building's autonomy and self-sufficiency, but also beauty and equity.
We are registered at the Regen Village Project on a waiting list to live in the Regen villages, which are springing up all over the world.

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