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Dance Class 

'Basic Choreographies

for the Dances of Peace'


The dances of peace have their origin from the folk dances of the various countries of the world, which even today, in some places, are moments of social aggregation.

The dances of peace, on the one hand, represented a moment of celebration linked to traditions, on the other, the exhibition of motor skills.

The group and individual costumes and choreographies symbolized, through the language of movement, typical characteristics of each individual ethnic group or country.

In the choreography we find: courtship, masculine strength, gratefulness for femininity, exhibition, but above all choral choreography, in which the fundamental element is undoubtedly harmony

Contents: fundamental choreographic elements, choral and individual movements,

rhythmic skills exercised on musical rhythms in progression of difficulty,

gestural expressiveness as body language

to communicate its message of musical and poetic content



Recipients: members, as training continuity of the 'Children's Dance Group of Malta' group


Duration: 6 lessons in September and October 2018


Place: headquarters of the association


Conductor: Emanuele Reti, choreographer of the Association

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