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The Africa of yesterday, today and tomorrow


In 2016, our association organized a course entitled " The Africa of yesterday, today and tomorrow", with the aim of deepening the understanding of the realities present in some African countries and in the Middle East.


Situations, faces, people, whose dignity is harmed: trampled human rights, violence, abuse of power, realities that escape the man who with Western glasses looks towards this African continent or leafing through pages of ink faces burning issues like those of the Middle East.


Our intent was to deepen some themes, in the hope of arousing interest in "knowing" the true daily life of these peoples, often innocent victims of endless wars, abuses and violence perpetrated for years, as still happens today for the Congolese people and the Syrian people and here follow the summary reports that the participants presented.


Our project for Africa
Elisabetta Murdaca

The conference reported on the current situation of refugees in Europe and their fate here.
There has been talk of the history of the development of Africa and how this has been slowed down by colonialism before and after decolonization, and still today for the continuous external interventions due to wars and actions by economic powers.
Based on these premises, the question arises: what can the West do for Africa? What can we do for Africa? It was concluded that the task of the West is to provide Africa with the tools so that it can resume and continue its autonomous development process. The West should provide Africans with the tools to be able to walk alone on their own legs, to prune change themselves, development in their country.
As far as the Grande Quercia Association is concerned, the projects we are working on are aimed at offering work training to Africans so that they can develop skills to be spent locally. Through this there would also be a strengthening of the African middle class and the possibility of moving its economy.

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