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Rosella Graziola

Agricultural projects Coordinator



She is an agronomist. She has a high school diploma in Laboratory technician, a bachelor’s degree in "Food Sciences and Technologies", University of Padua, and a master’s degree in "Agro-food production and agro-ecosystem management", University of Pisa.
She has 10 years of experience in quality control laboratories, food industry and the detergent production sector.

She has been interested in biodynamic agriculture since 2012 attending a course held by Herbert Tratter and one held by Paolo Pistis. She also did an one month intership at the biodynamic Di Varia farm in Molise.

From 2016 to 2018 he collaborated with the organic farm Ortoinsieme in the business administration, and the commercial, cereal and horticultural cultivations. The company’s objective was the employment of disadvantaged people and the recovery of abandoned land.  

In 2017, she collaborated with Father Angelo Antolini as a volunteer in the project for single mothers to create a small dairy in Ethiopia.

In 2018, She was in England at the CICD Collage for International Cooperation and Development of Patrigton (UK). She met Peter Brinch of the Biodynamic Association UK during her volunteering experience in Seed-cooperative at Spalding.

She worked as a teacher in the project "We cultivate integration" that involved Ruota Libera and Trentino Social Tank, for the training of young immigrants.

In the project team "Moringa per tutti" she worked for the development of the international cooperation project of the Association in Kenya, carrying out the monitoring of the agricultural part from Italy and on site. In 2018 she stayed in Tanzania for two months being involved a feasibility study of future projects of the Association.



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