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Nicoletta Corradi

Democratic Republic of Congo project Coordinator


She is employed by the Provincial Hospital for Health Services, at the Hospital of Rovereto, where she deals with accounting and auditing activities. Since 2021 she has been serving at the Ministry of Defense in Roma, in command.

She holds a Diploma in Accounting Analysis at the "Don Milani" Professional Institute of Commerce in Rovereto, a degree in Economics and Commerce and a Master in "Law and Management of Public Administrations".
In 2016, she participated, together with a delegation of associations, at the meeting of John Mpaliza with the MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels on 8th December.
She spoke in front of the European Parliament about the experience of some children from cobalto mines living under exploitation, violence and abuse. In 2017 she organized a photographic exhibition "The Victims of Our Wealth" by Stefano Stranges in Rovereto.

The initiative also included some meetings for students, with the author of the printings (Stefano Stranges) and John Mpaliza, one of the meeting was at the Mori-Brentonico Comprehensive Institute.

In 2018 she organized the photo exhibition "The victimis of our well-being", presented at the Civic Library of Rovereto (Trento), the "Don Milani" Higher Institute of Rovereto (Trento), the Nicolò d'Arco Institute, Arco (Trento) and the Hall Council Chamber of Mattarello (Trento).

In 2019 she organized the photo exhibition "Koinonia Community: stories of street children, their journey from the Nairobi's dumps to becoming socal workers for the brothers" showed at the Urban Center in Rovereto (Trento)  and the Nicolò d'Arco Institute in Arco (Trento). 

The initiative also included some meetings for students with Duncan Njoroge Waweru (Besh).

In October 2019 she organized other meetings for 700 students with with Besh.

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