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Great Oak Performing Arts Eco School

A new school is about to be born!

Great Oak Performing Arts Eco School has started the procedure for the application of the school license (age 3 - 16) at the Malta Education Directorate.


The educational offer will be based on the following 8 educational pillars:

1. International Fieldwork Education Curriculum;

2. Educational offer with artistic orientation: choral music, instrumental practice (optional),

theatre, artistic movement and dance;

3. Bilingual Italian/English program in Primary School, English and CLIL in Italian in Secondary School;

4. Learning from experience to grow in understanding, how to do things, how to be,

and how live with others;

5. Human rights education through art, in synergy with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

of which we are Ambassadors;

6. Social merit education;

7. Education to beauty, truth and goodness;

8. Environmental education, Eco-school.

Those interested in obtaining information can contact the President of Great Oak Performing Arts Eco School, Debora Comper, at the email address:

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