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story of rebirth

A true story, that of someone born of the dark, finding a light of love and hope.

Besh (whose real name is Duncan Njoroge Waweru) is saved from the street at the age of 8 and begins a new road, the one that today led him to become an educator at the Koinonia Community centers .

Koinonia Community is a community founded in Kenya by the Comboni father Renato Sesana Kizito, in order to assist street children, orphans and other young people in difficulty.

Grande Quercia, in collaboration with Koinonia Community and with the contribution of the Municipality of Rovereto, gave schools the opportunity to bring Besh together with the many students.

After his first trip to Trentino in February 2019, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to his life (for information click here), in October 2019 Besh will still be welcomed by many young people and adults, ready to listen to his words. 

This time, however, Besh also traveled to Malta at the headquarters of Great Oak (the twin association of Grande Quercia Italia) and here in a few days he met more than 800 students from Maltese schools.

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9 ottobre 2019 - Scuola paritaria G. Veronesi, Rovereto (insegnanti e genitori) Dirigente Olivia Olivo

10 ottobre 2019 - Scuola Regina Elena, Rovereto (classe elementare 3A sezione Montessori) Insegnanti Benedetta Margoni e Diletta Fait

11 ottobre 2019 - Centro formazione professionale G. Veronesi, Rovereto - Insegnante Cinzia Troiani

14 ottobre 2019 - Scuola media di Mori - Insegnante Lia Zandonatti

14 ottobre 2019 - Istituto Nicolò d'Arco, Arco (classi medie 3F e 3C) Insegnante Marco Campetti 

15 ottobre 2019 - Scuola paritaria G. Veronesi, Rovereto (classi elementari e medie) Dirigente Olivia Olivo

16 ottobre 2019 - Istituto Secondario di I grado F. Halbherr, Rovereto (classi medie 1E e 2E) Insegnante Cristina Zanoni 

17 febbraio 2019 - Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli, Trento - Referente didattica Gabriela Rodriguez

17 ottobre 2019 - Istituto Secondario di I grado F. Halbherr, Rovereto (classi medie 1C, 2C, 1D, 2D) Insegnante Cristina Zanoni 

18 ottobre 2019 - Istituto Secondario di I grado F. Halbherr, Rovereto (classi medie 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B) Insegnante Cristina Zanoni

Besh also met the children of the Circus Oppetelà School of Anna Cavarzan (11 October 2019) in Rovereto (TN) and the young people of the Cafè de la Paix in Trento (19 October 2019)


In Malta Besh, thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Education of Malta, met the students of many schools:

St. Ignatius College

St. Clare College

St. Augustine College

Gozo Collage

St. Thomas More College

St. Benedict College

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