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Hamal Baroni

Pianist, composer, musical accompanist

Hamal - foto_edited.jpg

Hamal was born on April, 13 2008, since childhood she has shown talent for the performing arts.

Daughter of founding members of the artistic association Grande Quercia di Rovereto (Italy) and Great Oak Malta VO/1489 of Mgarr (Malta) organizations with the aim of "giving voice to those who have no voice" through various forms of art (music, theatre, dance, singing, poetry, drawing).

Now member of Associazione Mozart Italia Malta VO/2419, for years she has been attending a multidisciplinary artistic training and is part of the artistic groups of the associations.

She was awarded 5th grade in violin, 8th grade in piano with Distinction and 5th grade in Theory with Distinction by Trinity College London.

She is a composer of various Sonatas for piano some of them inspired by people close to her.

On 26th December 2022 she had her first official concert where she performed the role of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the show “Il Ritorno” to remember the 253rd anniversary of Mozart's first concert in Italy.

On 21st February 2023 she performed in the comedy/concert “Competition” where she played the Turkish March of W.A.Mozart and a own composition at the Sala Filarmonica of Rovereto (Italy ).

From 30th of June to 2nd of July 2023 she attended in malta a Masterclass “Free improvisation on the piano” lead by Maestro Chris Jarrett, organized by Associazione mozart Italia Malta.

She is part of the Great Oak Malta “Community Building” project, where she and a group of teenagers, all musicians, are undertaking a cohabitation experience in order to acquire valuable social skills, useful for her future.

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