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Michela Comai

Educational Projects Referent 

Elementary School Teacher 


Teacher in primary school for over twenty years promotes and teach of social merit that responds to the real educational needs of today's students. He has long been involved in training young people on human rights issues. She collaborated with the R. F. Kennedy Foundation to raise awareness and promote values of social justice in schools. Thanks to the collaboration with Robert H. Kennedy Human Rights Europe in September 2017 she received the mandate of Ambassador of the global educational project on human rights "Speak Truth to Power".

From September 2018 she is president of the CNIS, Rovereto headquarters, Association for National Coordination of Specialized Teachers and research and training, chaired by Prof. Daniela Lucangeli.

Trainer in 2019 of the course for the members of the CNIS of Rovereto, accredited by the MIUR, "Bases for being a different teacher. Know: to know how to do and know how to be a teacher."

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