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Cristina Tonelli



She was borned in Rovereto in 1960.

In 1977 she graduated from the school of Rovereto as a kindergarten teacher. She worked as a teacher at the nursery schools of the Kindergarten Federation of the Province of Trento until 1999.

Various experiences followed in the educational sphere; together with a colleague, she founds a family nest "Il Germoglio" in Vignole di Arco which she manages for three years, followed by an experience as an assistant at the Steiner's kindergarten Colle Fiorito in Rovereto. In May 2009 she became a founding member of the La Grande Quercia Association and managed as a teacher a small family nursery in Porte di Trambileno together with her colleague Graziella Grigoletti, also a founding member.

They follow an educational project that is based on the co-presence of children from 1 year to 5/6 years, following pedagogical lines that are based on both human and environmental respect, care and attention to the other, the art as a means of expression and the experience of contact with nature with the care of a vegetable garden and outings in the woods. The inspiring figure for this kindergarten experience was the Jewish doctor and pedagogist Janusz Korczak, a Jewish doctor who also took care of the educational-pedagogical part of the children by founding a state-of-the-art orphanage for those years. He will die in the Treblinka concentration camp together with other collaborators and all the children. He brought really remarkable pedagogical motivations such as: cooperation between children of different ages, collaboration in practical activities and in the kitchen, respect for the child in its various stages of growth.

Over the years Cristina has studied Steiner's pedagogy in depth, taking a cue from her way of working with children, without forgetting her twenty years of experience in nursery schools in the Autonomous Province of Trento. She has always been attentive to the educational world and to the various schools of thought, with the conviction that it is possible to take inspiration from various educators and pedagogical choices and make their own those concepts that best respond to the idea of a child that belongs to them.

For several years she followed training courses with dr. Henning Kholer in Verona and seminars conducted by dr. Marcus Fingerle always on the educational aspects.

Thanks to the collaboration with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe, in September 20017 she received the mandate of Ambassador of the global educational project on human rights "Speak Truth to Power".

She writes fairy tales and poems for children. She collaborates with the Grande Quercia Association as an actress for the various theatrical performances on offer.

She followed the children of the elementary cycle (from 1 to 4) on the project: "Educating for Peace" and in the creation of small theatrical performances for children.

Always a lover of reading, she dedicates herself passionately to the search for suitable texts for children and teenagers on the topics dear to her: human rights, child exploitation, racism.

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